Airtel New Data Bundles 2020: Get 2gb for N500, 3gb for N1000, 6gb for 1500 and 9gb for 2000

So far so good Airtel Nigeria has found a way to honour is new customers by giving them amazing data bundle offers at an affordable rate. Here’s an opportunity for you as a new or existing customer to become acquainted with the new plans they’ve brought to the table. The process involves getting 100% of the data you purchased back from Airtel.

So, let’s get started

The materials you’ll need for this are;

  1. A new or an old registered airtel sim
  2. Your android device (most preferably; any device manufactured from 2018 till date).

Here are the steps to activate this amazing data bundles from airtel

Step 1

With your Airtel sim, send the word Get to 141.

if you are a new user with a new phone (phone manufactured from 2018 till date) this will no doubt work for you. And you’ll receive a text message saying that you have activated your 100% data bonus. Note that this will last for 3-6 months after activating. This means that after activating this bonus you can be able to get the bonus for the next 3-6 months.

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If you are a new user to the Airtel network but with an old phone, this may not work. You’ll discover that when you send the above text you will receive a message telling you that you are ineligible for the offer. But not to worry there is a solution for this. All you have to do is remove your sim card from your phone and put it in a new phone. Look for someone who has the specified phone and you can be able to activate your bonus by sending the above text.

This process is mostly available to the new customers of Airtel Nigeria (those with a new registered Airtel sim card). But if you’re an old customer you can simply check your eligibility status by sending the word Get to 141. Most times as an old customer, when you send the text you will receive a text saying; this offer is no longer available to you. This simply means that you have either used your chance or you were not aware of your chance and the validity period has gone buy. If you experience such, I’d advice you to get a new airtel sim, register it and go through the above process

Step 2

Getting eligible is just part one of this as subscription is the goal here.

After checking your eligibility, the next process is to subscribe. To subscribe for this, dial *144# and you’ll go directly to this menu

*144# Menu

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Another way to activate this subscription is to dial *141# you’ll see this menu

*141# Menu

After which you’ll click on 1 that is “My Offer” and you’ll be able to see the offers available to you which is also this

List of my offers

From this you can see that with N500 you can get 2gb, N1000 you can get 3gb, N1500 you can get 6gb and with N2000 you can get 9gb. Enjoy!!!

Thank You for reading!!!!

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