Apple Pencil – Apple Pencil Compatibility | Specs and Features of Apple Pencil

Apple pencil is a device that is used to mark, write and draw on iPads. The new apple pencil has a magnetic mechanism that allows it to attach to the side of your iPad pro with a satisfying snap. It pairs automatically to your other devices to charge which makes you always prepared and ready to go. Your apple pencil has better ways and more sensitive way you can use to interact with it without interrupting your flow, all you need to do is double-tap to switch between tools.

Apple Pencil

The latest model of the apple pencil is designed in such a way that it is very comfortable and it feels so natural to use. The design, without any seams or any connectors or any movable parts, makes the apple pencil very easy to store. Once you place the flat side of your apple pencil on the right side of your iPad pro it automatically connects to it and starts charging immediately. And it is also very possible for you to charge your pencil and iPad pro at the same time.

Specs and Features of Apple Pencil

The latest model of apple pencil allows you to switch modes by just double-tapping on the point your finger rests on. The tap is also customizable, with this you can easily and quickly switch between your most-used tools. With the pencil you can jot down points and notes for when inspiration kicks in, it can be used to design a project insitu or paint a watercolor. With several apps available in the Apple app store you can use the apple pencil for a lot more.

Whatever needs doing can be done easily with pencil, whether you want to take down notes or sketch your ideas using the note app, and if feels as natural as using a pencil and paper. You can get really great note apps in the app store which you could use to express yourself in very colourful and newer ways.

You can also use the pencil to mark, write and sketch on email texts, you could even draw directly on keynote app and other similar apps. If you take a screenshot you can mark up that shot with your apple pencil.

The pencil is a companion to help you express creative ideas. You can use it to Design interiors, paint watercolors, retouch some layers of pictures and many more. The technology behind the design of the apple pencils makes using it spontaneously with an undetectable lag and a perfect pixel precision.

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