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Clydesdale Bank Gold MasterCard could be the only credit card you’ll ever need. This credit card is issued by Clydesdale bank. With the gold MasterCard, you qualify for the white concierge service. It’s more like having your personal assistant on call 24 hours a day. This card is used to purchase items at any convenient time and payback to their credit card account at monthly intervals. It also gives users the option of transferring from other providers’ credit or store cards. The Clydesdale bank partners with Yorkshire bank and they purchased virgin money of recent. The Clydesdale credit card is considered a money transfer credit card because it allows users to use the card to transfer money from credit card to bank account. When using the card to make purchases online, you won’t be charged for transaction fee. This card is accepted globally, it is accepted in over 43 million locations across the globe. Cardholders also have access to entertainment and travel experiences through the MasterCard priceless cities program. Online shopping is made easy with this card. The card is highly secured, meaning that your credit card account will be monitored.

Apply for Clydesdale Bank Gold MasterCard Online

How Clydesdale Gold MasterCard Works

Cardholders enjoy contactless and mobile payments through Apple pay and Google pay. The Clydesdale gold MasterCard gives the virgin credit card a run for its money. This card offers 0% for the first 16months on balance transfers, 0% for the first 3months on all purchases, 3% balance transfer fee. At the end of the 16th month, the card starts giving an APR of 16.9%. The Clydesdale gold MasterCard is a very good deal for those looking for an extended 0% balance transfer deal in other to pay down debts without incurring interest charges. This credit card is highly secured, they make us of the latest chip and PIN anti-fraud technologies and also extra security checks for online purchases.


The Clydesdale bank gold MasterCard offers its users amazing benefits, they include;

  • Offers interest-free periods on both existing credit card debt that you transfer to the card on opening
  • Contactless payments up to £45
  • If you travel frequently, you can benefit from the 0% foreign transaction fee on purchases excluding cash withdrawals
  • The card is accepted globally
  • High security
  • Cardholders enjoy up to 59 days interest-free on all purchases made
  • Direct debit payment option.
  • No annual charges

How to Apply for the Clydesdale Gold MasterCard

  • Applying for the Clydesdale gold MasterCard is quite easy; however, some requirements include;
  • Applicants must be 18 years and above
  • Applicants must be a resident of UK
  • Applicants must not be an existing Clydesdale bank or Yorkshire bank credit customer.

How to Apply for Clydesdale Bank Credit

  • Visit the application page using the link on your internet browser
  • Tap on the yes or no option to confirm if you are a Clydesdale or Yorkshire bank customer
  • Click on the continue button to go to the next page
  • Answer the questions correctly on the next page
  • Check the box provided to confirm that you’ve read the use of personal information statement
  • Tap on the continue button
  • On the next page enter your personal details; first name, middle name, last name, date of birth, marital status, residential address, mobile number, email address, confirm the email address, how would you like to be contacted, decide if you want to add a cardholder
  • Lastly, click on the continue button to process your application.
  • With these steps above, you will successfully apply for a Clydesdale gold MasterCard. To activate your card, simply call their customer care service number on the card’s website.

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