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Qantas premier everyday MasterCard is given by Cutie for Qantas Money. It offers you great travel benefits. This card gives cardholders a luxury lifestyle. With this card, you can enjoy the best experience of shopping during your travel experience with the card payment. Users stand the chance to earn points and find them rewarding at all times. With this card, you can connect to your financial instructions account. It also offers cardholders travel insurance. This card offers you no limitation to the number of points you can earn. As a new user, you get to earn 20,000 bonus points when you spend $3,000 or more on eligible purchases within three months of card approval. You also get to enjoy six months interest-free on your first purchase of selected Qantas products such as Qantas gift vouchers, Qantas flights, store, and wine. The Qantas MasterCard is made for regular flyers who want a competitive Qantas point earn rate without the high yearly fee. This card also comes with MasterCard benefits and it is accepted anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Apply for Qantas Premier Everyday Mastercard

How It Works

Qantas MasterCard charges an annual fee of only $49.19.99%, it offers up to 55% interest-free days on purchases.  The supplementary cardholder fee is $25 per card and supplementary cardholders are allowed to have up to 4 cards. You get charged 3% on all international purchases. Whenever you make use of the card you would roll in enough points for a one-way economy flight on the same route for all $8,000 spent in foreign currencies. As well as every $10,667 of every day spent within Australia. You can charge less than $3,000 every month to take advantage of the card’s higher 0.75 earning rate. You will be charged a 21.99% interest rate on cash advances.


  • With the Qantas MasterCard, you’ll get 5000 bonus points each month you spend $1000 or more on eligible purchases for the first five months you become a use
  • It offers complimentary travel insurance and sign up bonus to its users
  • It comes with MasterCard benefits
  • 0% on balance transfer annually
  • Offers bonus points when you shop at your favorite store
  • Offers loyalty program
  • The mobile app allows you to track your spending, balance, and points
  • It offers zero liability cover
  • Access to 24/7 concierge service.


  • You must be at 18 years and above at the time of application
  • You must be a resident or a citizen of Australia
  • You must earn at least $35,000 annually
  • You must not be a primary cardholder of another Qantas premier credit card account
  • You must not have applied for multiple credit cards recently. 

How to Apply

Follow the steps below to apply;

  • Visit Qantas premier everyday MasterCard application page
  • When the page loads, locate the apply now button and click on it
  • A new page pops up, enter your membership number
  • Enter your last name and your pin
  • Then click on get started to apply for the card
  • With a few more steps you will complete your application process.

To login to the Qantas Premier everyday MasterCard account, follow the steps given below;

  • Visit Qantas Premier everyday MasterCard login page,
  • Type in your membership number, your last name, and your pin
  • Click on the log in icon to gain access to your account.

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