Ayoba Messaging App Review – Features of Ayoba Messaging App | How to Set Up for Ayoba Messaging App

Technology!!!! Thanks to technology because if not for this technology we should still be using postal mail to send messages because we want to communicate with each other, but the help of technology we are able to send messages at any time and the person receive the message and the person we reply back within a short period of time.

Ayoba Messaging App Review

Because of this our communication issue, this is also why MTN decided to help in there own small way, by helping to create a social media call Ayoba messaging app this app is a free instant messaging app for Android phone and devices in which you can chat to anyone despite if they are online or the have Ayoba app or not.

Ayoba allows the user to securely send messages and receive, voice note messages, videos, images, audio and other files with any contacts of yours by using your mobile Internet connection (data). And if you are feeling that one of your contacts disturbs. Ayoba lets you as a user easily blocks and unblocked contacts.

Features of Ayoba Messaging App

  1. With Ayoba you can still use your existing address book
  2. You can chat in seven African language
  3. It free to use but you need internet connection to send files and message to your contact
  4. Ayoba send and receive message and voice note with any of your contacts regardless if the person is using Ayoba
  5. Message on Ayoba is highly secure it an end to end encryption with mean third party can not read the message or conversation
  6. You can set up a group chat for easy communication with friend
  7. You can also share video, audio, images, and other files with your contact.
  8. Make call the with Ayoba using the voice connection
  9. And the sweet part is that you can’t transfer or receive payment via mobile money on Ayoba

How to Set Up for Ayoba Messaging App

  • Download the app from play store
  • Lunch the app and press sign up
  • Fill in the appropriate information required for
  • Put an image on your profile
  • Allow Ayoba to have access to your existing contact, and you are free to start enjoying your social life with Ayoba.

So now you can see how technology has made our life so easy, there is no need to have delay to connect with people you love. The main goal of Ayoba is that it established this connection between people and break the wall of boredom and let people socialize very well.

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