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The British Broadcasting company, generally known as BBC is one of the world’s leading broadcasting company that offer its contents to the world through various platforms including TV, on-air and on the internet offering news and broadcast in over 29 languages. In this article, we shall be discussing one of BBC’s arm- BBC Africa; it’s services and what it entails in general.

BBC Africa

BBC Africa simply describes the general services offered by the company in Africa as a continent. BBC is generally known to provide five main services all over the world, (which we shall be addressing later) and this applies to all it’s daughter companies. BBC service for Africa is built around a connection of sound reporters across the continent, bringing credible information from various sources.

Major Services Offered by BBC

The BBC has five major areas of specialization in which the company is built around, these services include the following:

  1. News – This is probably the most recognized service of the company, the purpose of BBC news is to produce unbiased, undiluted information to help people have the knowledge and understand things about the activities within them and their countries at large.
  2. Learning – BBC offers educative shows to support learning for both the young and old alike.
  3. Creativity – The company is also known to offer the most creative and unique services and outputs, which makes it distinct from other broadcasting channels.
  4. Diversity – one of the visions of the company since its advent in 1922 is to reflect the different communities of the United Kingdom, and support the creative financial growth of the country.
  5. World – Also one of its early vision- to reflect and represent the culture and values of the United Kingdom to the world.

Another service of the BBC is the BBC television, a service owned by BBC to produce television programmes from its studio. Some of these television programmes include the likes of: Line Of Duty, The Capture, Don’t come Dancing, etc.

How to Access BBC Africa

BBC has been around for a while now, and there are different platforms to access the contents of the network; while some may choose to use their PC, the majority will choose to download the BBC app from the application store of their various devices. The process is quite the same regardless of the platform you choose to access it from.

  • From the internet – log on to BBC’s official website at, on the homepage of the screen navigate to Africa section to get exclusive news on the happenings around Africa.
  • From the App – download the BBC news app on your smartphone from your application store and select the Africa section to get news pertaining to the shores of Africa.

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