Best Nursing Students Apps – Best Nursing Apps for Students | Best Apps for Nursing Students 2019

As a nursing student, what you learn in school is good but you also need to have some apps on your phone to increase your growth rate to the level you are meant to be and as a support to your normal school lectures. Also, those of you that are taking online programs will find these apps very handy for use.

Best Nursing Students Apps

You would need to take advantage of this opportunity because some of the things they do not teach in your regular school you can learn on these apps. Most of these apps are both available on android and iOS so your device should be compatible with it. Also, these apps can help you with your interview when you finish university and begin applying for jobs.

The Best Nursing Students Apps

On this list, you will find most of the recommended by professionals which nursing students are supposed to have on their phones. These apps will serve as very helpful for you that is a nursing student and is finding it hard to cope in class or is having difficulties reading. Well try some of these apps and check whether it’ll help.

  1. Epocrates: This is a clinical assistant and also functions as dictionary-like stuff which provides information concerning drugs and prescription and other information that needs to be provided. You could also get corrections romantic little mistakes in exams and real life. Available both on android and iOS versions.
  2. Medscape: This also provides information on the app but this one is more of keeping you up to date on the latest happening in the nursing field, but you can also get access to other features like their medical directory. You also get some training which would be helpful. Available both on android and iOS versions.
  3. WebMD: Just like the website, the app also provides the audience for the nursing students to teach the public and also learn one or two things from one another. Also, there is access to lots of resources to use in learning new things, practicing and also sharing the little we know.
  4. Med Mnemonics: As the name implies, this app contains shortcuts, tricks and also rhymes to help nursing students diffuse some of the things they have learned and helped them to remember these things. Also, it provides options like primary school rhymes to help you remember.
  5. NCSBN learning extension: With this app, you get access to a library that will be very useful to nursing students about to take an exam also for those that would be interested in knowing more. They are like flashcards or reference points to help remember key points. Available both on android and iOS versions.

ow you have known the different apps and the things they offer; you can now download them either from the google play store or the iOS apple store. These apps have their different roles and things they offer, and for this reason, you can go ahead and choose the ones which you need or you can as well go with all. It can’t be too much.

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