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Facebook Lite App Free Download: Less Data And Memory

The Facebook lite app is the same as the Facebook app. You know Facebook the most Popular social media and networking platform. Yeah, but the difference between the normal Facebook app and the Facebook lite app is that, the Facebook lite app consumes a lesser volume of internet data and uses a smaller volume of… Read More »

Facebook App: Features And Activities For Smartphones And PCs

Facebook can be referred to the biggest and best social media platform for almost two decades now with the advent of smartphones an app has been created. The aim for the creation of Facebook was to allow people connect and share their experiences with one another although over the years, the use and scope of… Read More »

Facebook Gameroom App For Everyone: A Gaming World

Facebook Gameroom is a feature added to the Facebook platform to help you ease boredom and bring joy to you at your leisure time. It consists of games of different genres for different devices and different kinds of people. The gameroom can be accessed via the Facebook web service, Facebook app or by the gameroom… Read More »

Facebook Marketplace App For Everything | Buy And Sell On Facebook

Facebook Marketplace is a Service applied on the Facebook platform that is used for the marketing of products, in other words buying and selling goods and services. The platform makes the process of buying and selling much easier as you can find convenient stores/sellers near you to purchase the goods and services you need on… Read More »

Facebook Dating For Everyone | Facebook Dating App Free Site – Dating on Facebook App

Facebook Dating For Everyone – Over the years, one thing Facebook has tried to achieve is building relationships. Building relationships has been Facebook’s goal that’s why Facebook has ventured into the dating world which involves everyone. The Facebook dating feature aims at bridging the gap created by another dating service by giving you what you… Read More »

Tuned: Facebook’s New App For Couples

Facebook just developed a new messaging application that has been added to their portfolio “Tuned”. Tuned is an application that is targeted towards couples. Although the launch was done silently due to the current occurring pandemic that has informed the decision of governments around the world to declare mandatory lock-downs. “Tuned” can be proven to… Read More »

Welcome to a Fresh Simpler Facebook – The Facebook New Look

Welcome to a Fresh Simpler Facebook – There is currently a new and updated version of Facebook for both Desktop and Mobile users. Most of us keep making use of Facebook daily but haven’t observed the simplicity with which you can make use of the platform now. So long as you’ve been used to the… Read More »