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Free App Download for Android Phones – Android Apps Download Free | Best Free App for Android Phone

The biggest asset for android phones is its app system. There are digital tons of Android apps that are downloaded by people billions of times. Most of them cost money while some are free to download but as you may know, the best apps will demand you to pay a few bucks. Nevertheless, there are… Read More »

Google Hangouts – Requirements to Use Google Hangouts | How to Download and Use Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a Google-developed unified communication software, it is also a communication service which consists of various features that enable text,  video chats or voice chats either one-on-one or in a group, this is an encrypted and secure communication service that operates on both Android and IOS devices. Google hangouts is a focused chat… Read More »

Google Alerts – How to Set up Google Flights Alerts | Does Google Alerts Costs Money | Where is My Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a notification and also content change detection service, it’s a web service built and launched by Google. When new results are seen, the service sends emails to its users, results such as newspaper articles, blogs, web pages or scientific research that corresponds with searched items or items from the users.  Where is… Read More »

Google Analytics – What is Google Analytics Used For | How Do I Add a Google Analytics to My Website

Google Analytics is a web analytics developed by Google to track and report website traffic. It assists users to monitor activities on their site and also gives you the vital tools needed to understand your customers, certain actions can then be applied in order to improve your business by setting new strategies required for upgrades.… Read More »

Keyword Planner Tool Google – Keyword Tool SEO | Keyword Planner AdWords | Planner Tool

Keyword planner tool googles is a tool that users can use when trying to male advertisements to post on the google ad service. One of the main concepts behind advertisements is using the right words when advertising and keyword planner tool google is one of the main keywords helpers in the online advertising business. Keyword… Read More »

Google Cast – Google Chromecast | How to Get Google Chromecast

Google chrome cast is a streaming media player created by technology giants google which is used for streaming videos, music videos even movies from chrome on the internet to personal television in the home or office. the google chrome cast was majorly created for televisions that do not come with internet access. Google chromecast can… Read More »

Google Play Card Online – Buy Google Play Card Online | Google Play Card Email Delivery

Google play card email delivery is the sending of google play card to users email after purchase, the google play card can be used by users to purchase different items in the google play store which comes with android phones which are used to download games, music, applications, books, movies, tv shows, etc . The… Read More »

Google Play Card email delivery – Transfer Google Play Credit to Paypal| How to Send Google Play Card Via Email

A gift card is a type of money card with a prepaid stored-value, usually issued by a retailer or bank, to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a particular store or related businesses. To a purchaser, a gift card is a gift given instead of an object which the recipient may… Read More »