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Files Go by Google Download – How to Download Files Go by Google | Files Go Review

Files Go by Google is an Android application with a very light size. It is verified by play protect and it was developed by Google. Files Go by Google is a very secure application and it has a very fast response which makes files sending offline very easy. It is a file manager for Android… Read More »

Google WiFi – Buy Google WiFi On Amazon | Features of Google WiFi

More often than not, users of conventional routers which come as just the one is usually left frustrated at the fact that the farther, they are from the router the less signal they get on their various devices e.g. Smartphones, tablet and Personal Computer (PC). But Google WiFi makes use of a mesh networking system… Read More »

Introduction to Google Drive Download – Google Drive Download | Accessing Google Drive Download

Google Drive download is a location where you can generate, share, cooperate and maintain everything you need. You can do it in Drive, whether you are working on a joint study project with a friend, planning a wedding with your fiance or monitoring a budget with roommates. All your files, including videos, photos, Google Docs,… Read More »

Google Customer Service – Contacting Google Customer Service | Complain on Google Customer Service

This is the department established by google to attend to customers with issues. By reaching Google’s technical support team, it is easy to optimize the issue and always satisfy individuals. To get fast responses for technical bugs, there will always be toll-free numbers accessible for use. When users seek authenticity in their services and address… Read More »

Google Authenticator – Google Authenticator on Multiple Devices | How to Get Google Authenticator Code

Google Authenticator is a software-based authenticator that uses the Time-based One-time Password Algorithm and One-time Password. This Algorithm is to implement two-step verification services to authenticate Google consumers of mobile apps. Security Challenges Without Google Authenticator What is the average consumer of the Internet to do? Well, your passwords should certainly be changed regularly! Passwords… Read More »

Google Assistant – Difference Between OK Google and Google Assistant | Is Google Assistant Better Than Siri

This is an artificial intelligence developed by Google, primarily available on mobile devices. Unlike the company’s virtual assistant which was done previously, google now, with this Google Assistant has the capacity to engage in a two-way interaction. This google assistant was initially launched in May of 2016, as a part of Google’s messaging app, known as- Allo, and… Read More »

Google Find My Phone – How Google Find My Phone Works | Google Find My Phone/Tablets

At one time or another, we’ve all misplaced our mobile phone. Sometimes in our homes, sometimes in the car, sometimes location unknown. You can now depend on Google for help instead of searching everywhere to locate it. This little-known Google function allows you to use Google’s search engine on your PC to locate your Android… Read More »

Google Blog – How to Setup a Google Blog | Blogger Blogs

Google Blog is a social platform where an individual can share experiences, tell stories, or write just about anything. Since the breakout of social media, people have been looking for ways to get heard and make money. So, with the advent of writing online (blogging), some people have been making serious money, while a lot… Read More »

Google Classroom Fun – Benefits of Using Google Classroom | What Section Means in Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free web service created by google for schools to simplify paperless creation, distribution and classification of tasks. Google Classroom’s main aim is to streamline the process of teacher-student file sharing. Google Classroom incorporates Google Drive to create and distribute assignments, Google Docs, Writing Sheets and Slides, Communication Gmail, and Scheduling Google… Read More »