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Microsoft Store – How to Install Microsoft Store Step by Step

With the development of Windows 10, all Microsoft services came together to form a platform known as the Microsoft Store. Through the integration of all these services, a platform has been created for the distribution of music, games, videos, e-books, and other applications. Some of the contents on the Microsoft Store has a fixed price,… Read More »

Microsoft Outlook Install – Major Things You Need to Know About Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is an application that acts as your personal assistant and it is used for sending and receiving emails and can be used to manage various personal data, including calendar events, tasks, contacts, related items, diaries, and notes. However, Microsoft Outlook service is not for free because the user tends to buy or pay for… Read More »

How to Share Outlook Contacts | Outlook Contacts – Synchronize Outlook Contacts

Have you ever tried sharing your Outlook Contacts and it seems impossible? Don’t worry, I am here with a solution for you. Outlook makes it pretty easy for Outlook users to share contacts. If you work in a company or firm having a large number of workers, Outlook is one function that enables you to… Read More »