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DHL is an international organization that transports documents and parcels to people from home and abroad and from one place to another. Suppose you have a DHL office in your area, you won’t need to leave that area to send an item to a family or friend or business partner that far away from you otherwise you can easily locate one close to your area since DHL has many branches around the world. DHL sends your item via DHL Aviation, DHL shipping or by rail.

DHL Aviation

DHL Aviation is responsible for air travel. DHL Aviation uses airplanes as its primary means of transportation to transport goods from one place to another. DHL cost depends on the size of the box. This box is available at the DHL office or branches. The box is given to you when you want to transport an item. You pack the items you are sending in this box and close the box. Delivery cost is determined by the size of the box and the number of boxes you are collecting.

Send Item with DHL Aviation

When sending goods with DHL aviation, every effort must be made to ensure that the goods are completely shipped (i.e. not damaged or lost). Follow these steps to learn how to send items using DHL aviation

  1. Label the goods – of course, the package must contain the address of the sender and the address of the receiver. We recommend that you enter your mobile number on the delivery label.
  2. Choosing a courier – choosing the right courier for your needs is very important. These requirements may vary by delivery. For example, you can treat something emotionally or financially as something urgent or very important.
  3. Special delivery information – watch out for contrabands, DHL will not ship these goods whatever the circumstance may be. If the delivery of dangerous goods, a special procedure is required.
  4. Book your pick up – your good must be sent by courier. Arrange your pick up on DHL application or support service. Please contact your nearest service center to arrange delivery.
  5. Tracking your good – You can track your good after delivery or by the courier. Track your packages online and keep track of package status at any time.

You must at all times have a tracking number with you. If you own a DHL account, you will be notified via SMS or mail.

DHL Aviation – Track Your Order

There are many ways to track your DHL aviation orders. Below is a list of different ways to track your order.

  • Customer care service
  • Emails
  • SMS

You can use one of the above methods to contact DHL to get your tracking number. Always save your tracking number.

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