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  • Introduction
  • About the application
  • Features
  • How to download the Apk latest version
Download Opera News APK for Android


Opera News is a personalized news update which gives you access to local, national, and international breaking headlines. It illuminates the latest news and provides more news that interest you. Opera news keeps you up to date with basically everything that’s happening around you without having to use much data. The more you access the application, the more it’ll get to know your preferences. You can equally customize the categories that interest you. It is interesting to know that you can read news pieces without having an internet connection.

About the application

The latest version is the Opera news 8.0.2254.54384, it was updated on October 28th, 2020. It requires Android 5.0+


1)search news; you can search for news on a specific topic or person. Opera News now has a search bar that suggests trending articles.

2)news push notification; you can receive important breaking news alerts directly on your home screen

3)personalized content; opera news delivers real-time personalized content based on your interests. The more you access the application, the more it knows your preferences

4)breaking and trending; you can read the latest and most trending news articles on sports, entertainment, fashion, business, events, travel, etc.

5)save your favorite; you can save your articles and read later

6)local and national news and highlights; opera news shows you daily breaking stories around the world.

7)squad section; this is available only in Nigeria, where you can post and equally share your story with all other users on the latest opera news app.

8)data saving

9)minimized download size

10) interest graph.

How to Download The Apk Latest Version

Apk files are important in downloading certain apps on Android devices, they are the files required for installing apps. The steps required in downloading opera news Apk latest version are as follows;

  • Open your Google Play Store app from your android device
  • Click on the search bar and search for opera news, it immediately shows you the application details
  • Look for the three vertical dots on your display screen and click on it. It shows a menu, enter the menu options
  • Select Share from the menu
  • Tap copy on the share menu
  • Go to web your browser and type on the address bar
  • Once it opens, paste the copied link and click on the generate download link button
  • This will generate a new link for download
  • Go ahead to download Opera News Apk file for your android device.

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