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*App Information


*Steps Involved on how to download


The PlayStation app is the perfect answer for gamers on the go that always want to be in touch and to check out what the latest offering for the game consoles. PlayStation users can make use of the official PlayStation app to remain online by using their mobile devices. They can also communicate with friends even though they do not use the console at that time. They can purchase games that can later be played on the PlayStation app and also check out the latest news. It is interesting to know that the official PlayStation app can be used Halsey with the PlayStation console.

App Information

The PlayStation app 20.9.3 was last updated on October 28, 2020. The Apk size is 50M. The app is developed by PlayStation Mobile Inc.


The PlayStation app 20.9.3 has the following features

a) purchase games

b)  communication with friends

c) customize your profiles

d) view progress and compare trophies

e) check out the news and guides for games

Steps Involved on How to Download

Some users often think that installing applications on their own and not through Google Play store is a complex process. If anything, installing apps from the apk files can be done with so much ease following a few steps. Before going into the steps proper, it is important to know that any app that is on your phone or tablet is stored as an apk file, for example, one can’t delete the launcher or the dialer app but they also come in the form of apk files and can be upgraded. It is advisable to use an apk rather than the regular Google Play Store. All you require is your android device and a suitable data connection.

1) Firstly, you need to allow android to install third party apps

Before trying to install the app on your mobile device, you need to know that by default, Android OS won’t let you because it is a safeguard measure.

Go to your phone security, an option known as “unknown sources” is in the android OS. Users will see a text written underneath such as “allow installation of apps from sources other than Play Store”. Depending on your version of Android IOS, this option can be in various places, but it is most likely to be under security.

2) Once you select the PlayStation app, just download it on your device. Go to the download button and your internet browser will automatically get the file. Some browsers will tell you you’re about to install an app and the type of access it requires. This is where you check what the app needs, like access and storage.

3) Once you click on the install button, the installation process will start. You can create and place your shortcut on your screen afterward. It is worthy to note that you can download the apk file on your PC and transfer them to your phone or tablet.

With the various devices in store at the moment, getting the right apk can be an issue. If you decide to check out Softpedia for an apk, you will notice that each download has a few important properties. Using pixel launcher apk is a good example.

4) Users should think of apk files just like they think about every other app that can be installed. Making sure that the file comes from a reputable source reduces the chances that it can be tampered with. All the apk files that are available on Softpedia have been properly screened for viruses and the outcome of the scan is made available upon every download.

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