Effects Of Technology On Human Relationships

The technology age in which we are in now, has brought advancement to our world, not only has it brought good things, but it has adverse effects attached to it too with regards to human relationships.

Effects Of Technology On Human Relationships

To be clear, the relationship talked about in this article, does not circle only around romantic relationships, but human relationship in general. Over past decades, so much has occurred in the universe because of technological advancements. With the help of social media services, networking with people has been made very easy but before the introduction of these services, connecting with people had to be physical and with technology, improvements has been made to ensure that without physical contact, you can connect with people.

Understanding The Role Communication Plays In Human Relationships

Communication is said to be key in any form of human interaction, hence it is good to say that technology has improved the way human communication and human relationships are conducted. Although technology has brought some good in human relationships, there is a side to technology that has been up to no good in human relationships and that is the topic of our discussion today.

It is important to note that; although it is said that technology has disadvantages, the advantage there are, outweigh these disadvantages. Hence, we will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of technology on human relationships.

Advantages Of Technology On Human Relationships

Human Relations has advanced so much that people can link up quite easily and effectively as distance is no longer a barrier. At this advancement point, some of the ways in which people connect are via;

  • Text Chat
  • Voice Call
  • Video Call

These are some of the most basic ways in which people tend to communicate.

With the advancement In technology, video conference call is readily available as services offer video call services for a capacity of up to 50 persons simultaneously. With these advancements, expressions are easily shown as you can use Emoji’s, GIF and Stickers to express your feelings. Files like images, videos, music and also important documents can be sent with ease. Businesses can also be conducted without the need of physical contact. Now you see that technology has helped develop all aspects of human relationship.

If not for these advancements, a lot of human relationships would have ended due to lack of communication. But with these advancements everything concerning human communication is being saved.

Disadvantages Of Technology On Human Relationships

The advantages of technology on human relationships as said earlier, outweighs the disadvantages, but that doesn’t mean we should overlook the adverse effects of technology on human relationships because they also have effects on us as humans too.

These days most people tend to go on dates and get disappointed with the person they meet, children can’t perform simple tasks for their parents anymore, friends don’t hang out like they use to anymore, all this is not because of their attitudes but it’s all due to the facts that, people, especially the youth tend to be hands-on on their mobile devices all the time, all this is to say that, as the days go by, people are getting addicted to the devices that technology brought for their consumption and this has led to poor human interactions and feelings as all people care about these days is social media, how to get the latest devices and the trends that’s happening online. This has made people unaware of their immediate environment and carelessness for humanity.

Parents, youths and children are becoming more and more addicted to technological devices as days go by and this has become a matter that if not handled properly, it would lead people in to a mentally ill state as affection is not shown and received by individuals. Technology has stolen human emotions and acknowledgement and this is driving and is going to drive people into depression.

Everyone wants to be acknowledged because acknowledgement determines relationships. Don’t allow technology and its advancement steal your ability to acknowledge people and your relationship with them.

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