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Facebook Analytics – Using social media is a very creative and helpful idea to be used when you want to link your brand or your business to your audience and customers. But when you post without knowing who your audience is or the kind of contents they are interested in is a very wasteful and unproductive move to make. Luckily for all brands or business owners, Facebook has just the perfect tool that could help you with this “Facebook Analytics”. FB Analytics is free and it gives you the avenue to measure your business page performance without stress. With FB analytics you can use the insight tool to track page views, likes, and others.

Facebook Analytics

Whatever it is your goal is on Facebook, whether creating brand awareness or communicating with your customers, Facebook analytics is the best tool to help you know who your most active audience is and how active they are on your page. With Facebook having over a billion active users, it makes it the best platform to reach out to a lot of people at once, but with Facebook algorithm, contents from your friends and family are prioritized making it more difficult for you to get the attention of your audience.

Well, that is not a problem because this is where Facebook analytics comes to play. When you understand the metrics of your Facebook page, it gives you the vital information needed to ensure it is the right and best content you are presenting to the right audience. It works alongside the Facebook algorithm rather than just posting contents randomly hoping that it will be seen by someone.

Though FB analytics is free but setting it up and fully understanding it is a bit of a challenge. If you just started using Facebook advertising, you might feel your brand will have enormous followers and gain recognition by just posting a pretty and well-designed sponsored post. Though it is critical to add likes but if you publish an ad without objectives then you are doing it wrong.

Features of Facebook Analytics

FB Analytics is updated from time to time to help optimize the user experience and improve plus add a new feature. Here are some of the features of this tool:

  • Custom dashboard that makes you see important data at a glimpse
  • Omni-channel analytics that makes you keep track of users who goes from Facebook to your app or site and back to Facebook before converting
  • Building a custom audience based on your insight from omni-channel.

The update Facebook Analytics can be said to be one of the most significant updates ever since the massive change in algorithm.

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