Facebook Avatar 2020- Create Your Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatar allows you to come up with an exciting version of yourself in form of an avatar in which you can make use of at anytime to communicate in terms of sending an expression across. With this, the use of text is limited. These customizable avatar characters are used by so many people and users get to use it any time and any how they want in order to express how they feel at any point in time. Since these avatar characters are cartoonized, they help you come up with different set of reactions and emoticons to help you make the best of the avatar features.

Facebook Avatar

The Facebook avatar feature is currently a trend on the Facebook platform and you’ll be missing out from a lot if you are not yet familiar with this feature. Truth be told, the feature is not available in all countries of the world but it is free to those who have this feature available in their country and soon it’ll be free for everyone so exercise more patience if you don’t have it yet in your country. This feature happens to be available to those with both Android and IOS devices and is yet to be available on the Facebook web app.

Facebook Avatar Creator| Facebook Avatar Maker

The Facebook avatar Creator a.k.a Facebook avatar maker is a new personalised feature on the Facebook platform and it serves as a way in which users can be creative in terms of cartoonizing themselves with distinctive features which include; skin tone, eye colour, hairstyle, make-up, freckles and lots of other features. There are lots of features to add that will make your avatar look beautiful, funny and astonishingly more like you, you can also engage in competitions with friends to see who would be the best avatar creator, all you need to do is update your Facebook app and follow this guide judiciously.

How To Create Your Facebook Avatar With Your Mobile Device

To create your Facebook Avatar all you need is an internet connected smartphone with the Facebook application, then the following steps should be followed;

  • Log into your account using the Facebook mobile app
  • On the navigation pane, click on the three horizontal lines which will lead you to a menu
  • On the menu, scroll down and click on “See More” and then click on avatar
  • Once you click on avatar, a screen loads which prompts you to create your new avatar. Click on next and you will begin the creation of your new avatar
  • You can change everything, from the skin complexion, to the hair, to the body shape and even to crinkles, all to suite the way you look. I mean it’s an avatar and it’s meant to look like you so you try as much as possible to make it look more like yourself.

With Facebook Avatar, you can be you in a new way on Facebook.

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