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Facebook Avatar is an amazing feature launched on the Facebook app. It serves as a means to have fun on Facebook in the form of customizing a cartoon version of yourself in order to be more expressive on the Facebook platform. Your avatar can serve as a sticker or an emoji this brings out more of you as you get to see how you look like an emoji, your moods, and your reaction all with your avatar.

Facebook Avatar

The Facebook avatar can be used by anyone so long as the person has a Facebook account, but the sad truth here is that the feature is not yet available in some countries of the world. It is only available in some selected countries. Just in case the Facebook avatar feature is not available in your country, exercise some patience cos, it will be coming your way soon.

The beauty of the Facebook avatar is a thing of happiness. It not only the beauty we tend to just be looking out for, but the usefulness, the Facebook avatar has so many uses that can prove expressiveness, it can be used as a tool for commenting, it can be used in stories, it can be used during an active chat, it can be used on the timeline, it can also be used as every form of expression as it saves you the stress of tying most of the times. The usefulness of this feature is actually a thing of joy.

The Facebook avatar feature is not an app on its own, so don’t go, looking to go and download it from your application store, the Facebook avatar feature is embedded on the Facebook platform, read ahead to learn how to get hold of this amazing feature Facebook has brought your doorstep.

How To Create Your Facebook Avatar

To create you Facebook Avatar all you need is an internet-connected smartphone with the Facebook application, then the following steps should be followed;

  • Log into your account using the Facebook mobile app
  • On the navigation pane, click on the three horizontal lines which will lead you to a menu
  • On the menu, scroll down and click on “See More” and then click on “Avatars”
  • Once you click on avatar, a screen loads which prompts you to create your new avatar. Click on next and you will begin the creation of your new avatar

You can change everything, from the skin complexion to the hair, to the body shape, and even to crinkles, all to suit the way you look. I mean it’s an avatar and it’s meant to look like you so you try as much as possible to make it look more like yourself.

With Facebook Avatar, you can be you in a new way on Facebook.

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