Facebook Avatar Creator App| How To Create Your Facebook Avatar

By | May 22, 2020

Facebook Avatar Creator App is a feature developed by Facebook that helps users customize and cartoonize themselves inform of avatars. With this, they can use it to communicate with friends on Facebook. It can serve as an emoji or a sticker, because the avatar can represent the emoji moods. This very interesting instead of sticking with the traditional Facebook emojis, you can create your own, the one that looks exactly like you.

Facebook Avatar Creator App

Anyone can use the Facebook avatar feature, so long as you have a Facebook account, but due to some research, it is not yet available in some countries, if it’s not yet available in your country, chill it’s coming your way. The beauty if the Facebook Avatar is something that brings joy when communicating with friends on Facebook. Its not just the beauty that brings joy, the way you can use the avatars to express yourself is also something of a greater joy, saving you the stress of typing. The avatar can be used in about anywhere in the Facebook app, in commenting, chatting, your stories, your timeline, just about anywhere on the Facebook app.

It’s is important to note that the Facebook Avatar Creator app is not some app you could go to an app store to download. No!!! it is embedded in the Facebook platform, hence making Facebook the home of everything.

How To Create Your Facebook Avatar Using The Avatar Creator App

To create you Facebook Avatar all you need is an internet connected smartphone with the Facebook application, then the following steps should be followed;

  • Log into your account using the Facebook mobile app
  • On the navigation pane, click on the three horizontal lines which will lead you to a menu
  • On the menu, scroll down and click on “See More” and then click on avatar
  • Once you click on avatar, a screen loads which prompts you to create your new avatar. Click on next and you will begin the creation of your new avatar

You can change everything, from the skin complexion, to the hair, to the body shape and even to crinkles, all to suite the way you look. I mean it’s an avatar and it’s meant to look like you so you try as much as possible to make it look more like yourself.

With the Facebook Avatar Creator App, you can be you in a new way on Facebook.

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