Facebook Dancing Avatar- Create Your Dancing Avatar

In recent times, the trend of Facebook Avatar has been a thing of absolute joy to most Facebook users, but here come Facebook Dancing Avatar, Amazing right? This is an amazing development by Facebook. It involves creating an avatar with a dancing emoticon, hence an avatar that will be in a dancing posture, note that this isn’t a video or a gif but it is another way of showing in picture, the excitement your avatar has in store. There’s much to learn from this piece on Facebook Dancing Avatar.

facebook Dancing Avatar

Facebook Dancing Avatar

The talk about Facebook Avatar is amazing, talk, more of the recent trend of Facebook Dancing Avatar, and still, it is important to note that Facebook Dancing Avatar isn’t a video but an image. Remember when Facebook avatar came out, it was defined as an avenue to express yourself in a new way, that is being you in a new way. This dancing avatar is one of the ways to see you in a new way as it is packed with exciting features and positions ready to make you look the way you want to look even as an avatar.

If you haven’t heard of the Facebook avatar before, it is important to note that it is not some kind of app, but instead it is a feature embedded into the Facebook platform, this makes Facebook a home to everything you need and for you to access the Facebook Avatar feature, you need to own an account on Facebook. Once your account is ready, you can then have access to the numerous features in stock most especially the Facebook avatar feature you want to access.

How To Create Your Dancing Avatar On Facebook

The Avatar creation is pretty simple all you need to access this feature is an internet connected smartphone with the Facebook App installed in it then the following procedures should follow

  • Log in to your Facebook account using the app, but if you don’t have an account, click here learn how to create one
  • On the top navigation pane, you will see three horizontal line, click on it and you will be presented with a drop-down menu
  • On this menu, you will see “See More” on the list, click on it and you will be presented with the Facebook avatar option click on it and get started
  • Select your avatar look, including the shape, hair colour, face look, and all.
  • When you have finished with all the quest on making your avatar, you can now click the finish or done button there.

With this procedure, I’m sure you will make your avatar be more like you in expression.

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