Facebook Dark Mode | Night Mode On Facebook

Facebook Dark Mode – A lot of you might have noticed the new theme Facebook got for its app, isn’t it amazing? For real though you should check it because Facebook just even more interesting. Normally, when you open the Facebook app, it looks like every other app where you open it and you see lots of features with a huge amount of light flashing at your face.

That ends today because has introduced to a feature called “Dark Mode”. As the name implies, this mode totally changes the default interface from white to black. Continue reading to know more about this feature.

Facebook Dark Mode

What Is Night Mode On Facebook?

The dark mode also known as Night Mode is a feature that’s now available for all Facebook users you wish to turn to turn their app is something really cool. Almost all the apps we have on our phones now company comes this theme because users rely on enjoy using it. I can’t imagine my apps on the light when I can simply switch to this one.

Thanks to Facebook for being one of the first companies to offer us this feature. The interesting part of this feature does not only do it look cool, but it also comes with some benefit. When this app is activated, it protects your eyes from getting damaged due to exposure to light and it also saves your battery from running down fast. Go are the days where you complain of eye pains and power drainage from the app, I believe it’s a new era for Facebook.

Dark Mode Review

Facebook has made this app available on all of its platforms. Now you can activate it on Instagram and Messenger app., Facebook Lite, and even on Desktop. However, the company failed to embed this feature in its main app for reasons still unknown. I know in due time it would be available.

For now, you can begin to enjoy the dark mode in different aspects of Facebook totally for free. I believe you’ll find it really interesting.

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