Facebook Dark Mode 2020 – Facebook Dark Mode Settings | Facebook Dark Mode Settings Android

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Facebook Dark Mode is a feature introduced by Facebook to help create a better user-friendly interface. This functions as a theme for Android devices and shouldn’t be taken likely because of its advantages. Looking through the FB Dark Mode you will discover there is more to it than you actually see. People think is all about redesigning your FB theme or interface. Although the Dark Mode Theme gives your FB app a very distinct look which people will admire. Also, to note, you aren’t required to pay for it. We all know Facebook is accustomed to giving out their services for free, so, don’t think you going to be charged for it.

Facebook Dark Mode 2020 – Facebook Dark Mode Settings | Facebook Dark Mode Settings Android

There is more to this feature on any app than individuals know. Today, people use Dark Mode on YouTube, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. the list goes on and on. Dark Mode isn’t just an effect stumbled upon, it is an idea brought to realities by individuals who carefully analyzed the effect of bright or sensitive light to the eyes.

Facebook Dark Mode Settings Android

This mode was designed to aid in the reduction of stress which comes from the light rays of your device screen to your eyes and to also save battery life. Social media platforms started adopting it to show that they really have concern for their users. From the header above, you are going to understand the processes involved in enabling this feature. These are the steps below:

  • On your Android device to locate “Settings” (Click on the drop-down menu having three horizontal lines
  • Tap “General”
  •  Go to “Themes”
  • Look through the list of themes for the pop-up options
  • Click “AMOLED” to enable the Facebook Dark Mode

So, don’t forget, you are in for a great experience as you make use of this feature. Its uniqueness is undeniable.

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