Facebook Dark Mode Settings – Night Mode Settings Facebook | Facebook Dark Mode on Android

Facebook Dark Mode Settings – This is a setting that was created by Facebook to help users have a unique view of their favorite messenger app (Facebook). Recently, several mobile applications are coming up with a dark mode feature which is very helpful in reducing the amount of light rays that get to the user’s eyes from his/her phone screen. Although, when you use the FB Dark Mode around people who have no idea about it, it gives your FB App a very unique feature and you may get asked what app you are making use of.

Facebook Dark Mode Settings

To make use of the Facebook Dark Mode, users would have to enable it from the Settings. Every activity and feature on FB are controlled by the Facebook Settings. This mode comes with a stoning and very nice effect. Truth be told, this feature is only available to users of iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.). Seeing it on iOS devices have made Android users continuously anticipate it.

Facebook Dark Mode Settings also helps users save their battery capacity in their devices (i.e., it consumes less of your battery life).

Night Mode Settings Facebook – How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode

At first, there is a required procedure to be followed if you want to enable Night Mode Settings on your FB Messenger App. Once, you do this, then you would be able to enable it and disable it from your settings. Just follow the steps below to enable this feature if you are an iOS user;

  • Open up your FB Messenger App
  • Open a chat window with a friend
  • Click on the emoji icon to pop up the emoji tray
  • Look for the crescent emoji and click on it
  • Click the send icon
  • Click “Try it in Settings” to accept it from the pop-up
  • It would then take you to your settings page where you can enable and disable the FB dark mode

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