Facebook Dating App – Some Things to Note About the Facebook Dating Feature

Facebook Dating App is an extension of the original Facebook App and Website. It is a Feature that was recently launched within the Facebook website and the Facebook App. Facebook use to be a platform for friends and family relationships but with the recent launch of Facebook Dating feature, Facebook is now entering the world of love where users searching for love can go search for love and someone to date.

Facebook Dating App

Some Things to Note About the Facebook Dating Feature

The Facebook Dating feature only gives Facebook users that are 18 years and above access to use it. The Facebook Dating features have specialized dating features like profiles and matchmaking algorithm.

Facebook do not automatically create a Facebook Dating app profile for users. Users must opt into the service, then they must create an entirely different distinct profile. Users may decide to use data different from their normal Facebook or they may use the same data like the one on their Facebook to create their dating profile.

The Facebook Dating will not show a typical user of their normal Facebook friend. Facebook dating also lets its users block specific people on Facebook from seeing their dating profile.

Facebook Dating also gives its users the ability to remove friends of friends from their potential dating matches. Meanwhile, users can message each other even if they are yet to be matched.

Facebook Dating has one special feature called “SECRET CRUSH” which let a user to add up to nine (9) Instagram followers or Facebook friends to a specific list and if any of these profiles added to the user’s list crushes back on the user, the user and crush (another user) will both get notified. (This feature will only work if both the user and the crush have a Facebook Dating profile set up already.

Note that Facebook Dating is gradually rolling out to more countries. In case you can not use Facebook dating yet, that means it has not been launched out in your country yet.

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