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Coming to you now is the Facebook Dating platform which functions as a service in your Facebook Mobile Application. Right from time, FB has been known as the largest social media service in the world. Facebook is well known for creating features that help users enjoy their platform. These features enable FB to be very flexible and interest. Having over 2 billion users from the world’s population is like having the whole world.

Facebook Dating Service

Notwithstanding, dating is one reason why people love to use FB. Looking through Facebook, you can search for dating and singles groups that help singles mingle. Dating sites are trending but can be limiting in the sense that, some have different restrictions in communications. But with the Facebook Dating Service, users can do a lot.

Advantages of the Facebook Dating Service

This dating service has was first tested in a few countries and its success proved its capability to help the world connect even better. As said earlier, dating sites are kind of limited when it comes to using. This is why Facebook has greater advantages. Below are the merits of the Facebook Dating Service:

  • Get to meet more individuals around the world
  • The FB population gives users the advantage to get more matches
  • You can use the FB platform and dating platform all at once
  • Sign Up and use is free
  • Better security and policies to help protect user information and interest
  • It has features which make it very flexible

Facebook Dating App

This service isn’t a distinct app from the Facebook App. Look at this; on Facebook you have some features likes:

  • Marketplace
  • Watch etc.

These are very unique features on FB but are not in any way distinct from the platform. This is how the Facebook Dating Service also functions.

A lot of individuals are getting it twisted by saying it’s an app but it absolutely isn’t. Although, FB app isn’t available for all countries and regions yet but not to worry, it’s coming to you soon. Here, you will meet the most interesting singles of all times. For countries and region where the FB Dating Service is available, you can find the service by following these steps:

  • Navigate to your FB profile
  • Click on the Heart Icon at the top of your page
  • Input your details as required of you (photo, location, gender, interest etc.) and confirm

If you don’t have the Dating Service yet, wait for it. Only Facebook users can gain access to this dating service so, if you’ve not yet signed up with FB, do so by following the link (www.facebook.com) or download the mobile app from your Google Playstore or Apple App Store.

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