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Facebook Free Marketplace is Facebook’s online market place where buying and selling take place. This service is available for FB users all around the world. Thinking of a place where you can market your products for free with the advantage of getting a lot of buyers to view and buy your products, FB Marketplace is just the right platform for you.

Facebook Free Marketplace

Over the years, things have really evolved. Thousands of stores have packed up due to the introduction of online stores. People now prefer online stores because they have the market coming to them instead of going to the market.

Facebook Marketplace Near Me

It actually may be really difficult to set up an online store due to the capital required or the fact you can’t design a website. This made the innovation of web store services great. The thing with these services is that you are being charged for them and as an entrepreneur, you may not have the funds to keep up especially if you don’t make sales.

This is the reason Facebook Free Marketplace is the best idea. It is totally free and the only criteria required is for you to sign up with Facebook. Also, a lot of users come across the Marketplace on FB without knowing its function. This service functions in a way that, it gives buyers and sellers in the same catchment the opportunity to transact.

How to Find the Facebook Marketplace

Finding the FB Marketplace is very easy and straight to the point. All you need do is follow these steps:

  • Sign in your FB account
  • Get to your Timeline at the top of your page
  • There, you will see a shop front icon (FB Marketplace)
  • Click on it

How to Use Facebook Marketplace For Sales

The marketplace can really help you increase your product sales and grow your business. Here, you have both buyers and sellers ready to do business at all times. Once you get into the platform, you need to set up as a seller by doing the following:

  • Choosing your catchment area
  • Uploading a catchy photograph of what you want to sell
  • Add a detailed description of your item
  • Choose the category which the item falls under

It’s that simple. Once buyers visit the Marketplace and find your item of interest to them, you guys can go into a bargain just like your everyday transactions.

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