Facebook Page – Setup Facebook Business Page Now | How to Create a Facebook Page | How to Get More Fans to Your Page

Wow, have got a Facebook account, I mean, I have an account on Facebook, I post pictures, it’s a very interesting place to be, but I need something bigger, something better, like a bigger space, a whole simple Facebook profile won’t be enough for my personality on Facebook. If you are in this category of people, what you need is a Facebook page.

Facebook Page – Setup Facebook Business Page Now | How to Create a Facebook Page | How to Get More Fans to Your Page

Facebook pages are used by businesses, brands, firms, organizations, public figures, celebrities, influencers, to share their experiences, connect and socialize with people. Having a Facebook page is like having a bigger space for your identity, most businesses use it to create a kind of Facebook presence and awareness thereby advertising their product and services. A Facebook Page should be something every business should have because almost half the world population is on Facebook, which just makes it the perfect platform for advertising and meeting new business persons that might just need your services. Creating a page is easy, just follow these easy steps;

  • Visit facebook.com/pages/create
  • Click to choose a page type
  • Fill out the required information
  • Click continue and please do follow all guidelines


  • log in to your Facebook account and tap on the three short lines at the top right corner
  • scroll down and tap on “Pages”, click on “create page”
  • Tap on “Get Started” and you will be redirected, where you will start your Facebook page creation.
  • Follow the easy steps Facebook will guide you through from there.

Like I said “Creating a page is easy”, in fact creating anything is easy, but maintaining and building it is most times the challenge. So yeah, you’ve got a Facebook page, how do you build it. For most business firms that already have a big name to itself, they already have an upper hand when it comes to page popularity but when starting from scratch, it’s always tough.

How to Get More Fans to Your Page

Five tips on how to build your Facebook page;

  • Make sure to have an eye-catching photo uploaded and a name with keywords in it, something that will be easy to find out.
  • Post interesting content; especially for a business account, you want more people to visit your page, give them a reason not to leave. So post contents that are exciting, contents that are brief but engaging.
  • Do not forget Facebook’s main aim of creating the software so endeavor to be interactive and social. Do not create a page and abandon it, make Facebook users that visit your page feel free, in other words, make your page lively.
  • This might sound hard but will surely boost your page, get the Facebook verification badge i.e the blue or grey badge. When you verify your Facebook page, it shows Facebook trusts your page thereby making it’s users feel the same way.
  • Make sure to have a CTA button; a call to action button, opening a Facebook page is like operating Democracy, you are the leader and your followers, the people. You have to do everything in your power to make your followers feel comfortable including creating a means through which followers can reach you to complain about issues, disturbing things on your page, or something they want to be added to your page. It’s all about “the people’s choice”

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