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Looking for a platform focused on always connecting your team or staff together? It’s the Facebook Workplace. This service was created to assist companies to build a strong connection and keep their system continually functional. Workplace makes work organized and easier in the sense that you can accomplish tasks and pass information without being in the office. FB Workplace gives companies the opportunity to carry their workplace or work atmosphere with them at all times.

Facebook Workplace

Most importantly, Workplace creates a stronger bond between employees and employers as they can communicate and hold meetings at all times.

Facebook Workplace

This web service and mobile application are very reliable. Flexibility is of the essence if you want people to enjoy a platform. FB Workplace is indeed very flexible and containing a lot of features which makes the working atmosphere a reality. FB has always been about connectivity and there is no connectivity without communication. Not just communication but “Effective Communication”. Having this in mind, FB created the workplace to have the following:

  • Events
  • Messenger
  • Video calling
  • Groups
  • Social media profile

Features of Facebook Workplace

Workplace functions more like your usual social media platform just that it’s strictly business based. Once you sign in, you get to see co-workers who work in the same firm or company as you do. You can communicate with them in person or as a group. Creating groups also help individuals in certain units maintain their communication as they get to share ideas. Workplace gives the opportunity to shares files and other work-related documents.

Events can be scheduled using this platform. Reminders to keep users alert about the upcoming event can be sent through notifications. You also have a News Feed to share anything or any trend.

Using Facebook Workplace, you can also search for your co-workers and follow them to get notifications as regards anything concerning them.

FB Workplace Sign In

Companies send a link to the mails of their staff to sign in. This link is in the form “companyname.facebook.com”. You can access this using your web browsers on your desktop and after that, download the app which is available to Android and IOS users.

Use of this platform is free for the first 3 months but after that, every staff gets to pay $3 per month for access to their FB Workplace account which is very affordable.

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