Facebook YouTube Hack – Learn How to Connect Your Facebook and YouTube

Facebook can be said to be one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. This social media platform is not just used for chatting and viewing updates and making friends but it is also used for business purposes, it can be used for buying and selling, it can be used as a dating network and many. To enjoy all these services requires only a Facebook account which is free to create if you do not have one yet. For business owners who would like to expand their experience, you can link Facebook and YouTube but you have to keep watch of Facebook YouTube hack, they can compromise your account and use it for fraudulent activities.

Facebook YouTube Hack

Before we talk on how to link Facebook and YouTube and Facebook YouTube hack. You should know what YouTube is since you already know what Facebook is. YouTube is an online video platform that is highly populated. You can post any kind of video to YouTube, provided you have a YouTube channel. Now, imagine linking your Facebook account and your YouTube channel, you have two of the world’s greatest social media platform at your disposal. Irrespective of what you are doing, you can link your Facebook account to your YouTube channel. This will make it possible for you to upload YouTube videos on your Facebook page.

Facebook YouTube hack – Connect Facebook YouTube

When you connect Facebook YouTube, it is a very bold move in stepping up your business or your brand. This will make it easier for customers and potential customers, as they can just click on the video link on your Facebook page and they will be redirected to your YouTube channel to watch the video with ease, and with that same action, they will be able to see more of your videos via your YouTube channel. You can read below to know how to connect Facebook YouTube.

  1. Active your device internet connection.
  2. Launch your web browser.
  3. Open to tabs, one for Facebook and the other for YouTube.
  4. Log in to both.
  5. Open your YouTube channel from YouTube, and on Facebook, open your Facebook page.
  6. On your YouTube channel page, beside profile, click edit.
  7. Mark the checkbox by clicking on it.
  8. If the checkbox is missing, go to your Facebook business page and copy the link of that page from the URL field.
  9. Navigate back to YouTube, on your channel page, click website then paste the link you copied from Facebook.
  10. Navigate to the bottom and click on save changes.

For this to be carried out successfully you must have an active YouTube channel and an active Facebook account. Remember to protect your password so you will not fall victim of the Facebook YouTube hack.

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