Facebook Live Events: Host Your Events Online

By | May 6, 2020

Facebook has made association more engrossing with the creation of Facebook Event. With this, you can host events on Facebook and get attendance from millions of people participating from around the globe. Events that can be hosted on the platform include; Seminars, Concerts, Parties, Meetings and lots more.

Facebook Events

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Facebook helps you plan your events and sends invitations to the event’s attendees. These invitees get reminded about the event day by day until the day of the party as there is a calendar on Facebook that helps keep up tracking. This feature is being recognized by a lot of Facebook users and it has help introduce more and more people to the use of the Facebook platform for events. With this feature, hosting events has been made very easy as there is no need to pay Television #stations to stream your events for you and you need not to worry about printing of invitations for your guests. The Facebook Live Event is interactive to the point that you can view the list of people who joined your event and their responses in real-time.

Facebook Event Page

The Facebook Event page is a page that helps you get started with your events in terms of advertisement and any other thing required of you. All ahead of time. This page helps you create a calendar of events which you can share on your page. To create your own event, here are the steps;

  • Log into your Facebook account here
  • Go to your page, if you don’t have one create one here
  • Click on Create Event or Event
  • Upload an event photo if any, add descriptions or tags and you can even setup co-hosts
  • Click on Create

Your event’s information can be edited or deleted at any point in time. Immediately you create an event on your page, it goes to the public

Facebook Live Events Streaming

To host a Live Event, all you have to do is make use of the Facebook Live feature and only those with invites would be allowed to attend unless you make an exception.

With Facebook Live Events you can do more, reach more and achieve more

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