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The Facebook lite app is the same as the Facebook app. You know Facebook the most Popular social media and networking platform. Yeah, but the difference between the normal Facebook app and the Facebook lite app is that, the Facebook lite app consumes a lesser volume of internet data and uses a smaller volume of memory space whereas the Facebook app does the exact up opposite thereby using a very large chunk of internet data and valuable memory space.

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Aside the difference in consumption of data and memory space the other difference between the two apps is the colour of the Facebook logo. On observation, you will see that the “f” on the normal Facebook app logo is white embedded in a blue square while for the Facebook lite app, the “f” is blue embedded in a white square.

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it is important to note that the Facebook lite app can work very well in extremely poor network conditions as it is very efficient on 2G network.

How To Download The Facebook Lite App

 The App is available for both android and Ios devices all you need to have is internet connection to download the app.

To download the app, here are the steps;

  • Go to your smartphone’s store
  • Search for “Facebook Lite”
  • Click on install and wait till installation is complete
  • Open the app log into your existing account or create a new one

To download for android click here

To download for ios click here

With this you are up to a good start in saving your device’s memory space and you internet subscription.

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