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Facebook Live is a feature available on the Facebook platform that helps you stream live contents whenever you feel like and when you want to pass on some information. Live streaming is done for events as it is used to get the attention of a large group of people. Facebook Live Streaming can be done by anyone either through their Facebook page or their profile.

As the Live streaming is done, the audience are given an opportunity to react to what is happening on the live content that is being streamed as they can comment and react to the video live stream. This live stream feature on Facebook is easier than starting up a YouTube channel. Since the introduction of the Facebook live feature, digital marketers have taken utmost advantage of it and thy also encourage people to do the same.

Video contents are quite easy to understand and are very engaging as you have the opportunity to reach out to a very large crowd of people because, once you start a Live content stream, Facebook helps you notify your friends and people who like and/or follow your page (Basically your audience) that you’ve started a live stream.

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How To Use Facebook Live

Facebook Live is seen as a feature that enhances digital marketing and also help people reach a very large audience. These days, religious bodies (like churches) make use of the Facebook live feature in order to reach out to members who couldn’t make to the venue. These days sports associations support the use of this live feature as they stream matches and events using this feature as a way to reach out to a disperse crowd.

There are two ways to get access to the Facebook live content all you need to have is access to a smartphone or Pc that has internet connection and you must also be registered on Facebook. Click here to create an account.

How To Use Facebook Live On Smartphones

To use the Live feature on smartphone all you need to do is get the Facebook app. Click here to learn how to get the App on your smartphone.

Once you’ve gotten hold of the app, log in and you’ll see the home page as shown in the picture below


Click on the Live as shown above.

Once you click on Live, you’ll be taken to the page below.

Facebook live mobile

Be sure to input the description of your video and the audience you want to reach. You can turn on your smartphone’s torch. If you go through the feature, you’ll see some other features embedded like; invite a friend to join you on live video, Live audio and lots more. you need to try it to find out more features as seeing is believing!!!

How to Use Facebook Live On PC

There are two ways to stream videos on PC they are;

  • By the use of stream key
  • By the use of Camera

The stream key method is used when a video encoder is used to stream the video. This encoder is connected to the pc which is in turn connected to a video camera using a USB connector. Once connected to the encoder, the stream settings are done and when you want to go live all you have to do is log on to Facebook and go to Live as shown below.

Facebook live pc

When you’ve done this, you will be directed to another page as the one shown below select the Use Stream Key Method.

Facebook stream key

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Once selected, you will see the server URL and stream key. All you need to do is copy them individually and paste them on your encoder. And click on stream from your encoder.

Once you click on stream on your encoder the video from your encoder will appear on your Live Preview and all you have to do is to input the description of your stream and add tags if any and go Live. To Live stream on a page or group go to the group menu and click on Live or select your audience from the left-hand side of the stream pane before you go Live. The Encode I recommend is vMix. click here to learn more about vMix.

The advantage of using a video encoder is that, it gives you privilege to embed audios, pictures and lots of other features. It also gives you the opportunity to alternate and choose the quality of your stream video.

The use of camera is relatively simple, it involves the use of your pc camera, a webcam, any other camera and also you can share the activity you are doing on your pc; meaning that you can share your screen. All you need to do is setup your video and audio from the page and go Live. It isn’t as tricky as using an encoder.

Facebook camera

With the Facebook Live feature, I am sure you can reach a much larger audience and achieve more.

Thanks for reading!!!!

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