Free Language Translation Apps – The Best Free Language Translation Apps

Ever since the invention of the internet, communication and reaching to people has been made so easy even if they are not in the same location as you or they do not speak the same language you do. Language barrier has always been a major hurdle in the world but thanks to the internet and technology there are a lot of free language translation apps and services that has helped make communication and understanding easier. Though not all of these apps and services are equal, so we are going to highlight some of the best for you in this article.

Free Language Translation Apps

Before we begin to list the top free language translation apps, let us discuss on some scenario where you may be needing the services of such apps. For instance, you scaled through all the problems of traveling abroad may be for business or education or recreation or tourism, anything at all. You finally get there then the language spoken is different from what you are used to. With your smartphone in your pocket and any free language translation app installed on it, you will be able to understand whatever is being said to you and you also will be able to communicate with them easily.

Another case where you will be needing the free language translation apps is when you meet a special that speaks a different language from yours. Just with few taps, you will be able to have a meaningful conversation with anybody, anywhere in the world, there will be no need for the confusion of interpretation of unknown words.

The Best Free Language Translation Apps

There are a lot of these translator apps available on Google play store and apple app store ready to help you translate any language for free, all you need is to look for the right one and download, and we are going to help you with that. Below is a list of the best free language translation apps.

  • Day translation – iPhone and Android.
  • Google translate – iPhone and Android.
  • Microsoft translator – iPhone and Android.
  • iTranslate – iPhone and Android.
  • Translate – iPhone and Android.
  • Linguee – iPhone and Android.
  • Naver papago translator – iPhone and Android.
  • Triplingo – iPhone and Android.
  • SayHi – iPhone and Android.
  • Speak and translate – iPhone only.

These free language translation apps are very important, they make communication so easy without having to spend a dime on human translators or spending a lot of money and time learning foreign languages.

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