Gmail App For Android Free Download: Gmail/Gmail Go App

Gmail the Google mail service has thrived over the years giving people what they want, this time it’s the Gmail app. It is a free email service created by Google, this email service can be accessed via a web browser or any other third-party service or via the Gmail android application for smartphones.

gmail for android

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Gmail offers online cloud storage as one can have access to 15 gigabytes of cloud storage space, to send and receive emails. Users can receive emails of up to 50 megabytes in size including attachments and can send emails of u to 25 megabytes. Sending large files via the Gmail service usually requires a connection and link from the Google Drive service as the files would have to be inserted in the from Google drive into the message.

The Google mail service has an inbuilt filter that scans your messages to eliminate spams and malwares to keep your device and mailbox safe. Security and Protection are the things Google thrive on as they want to ensure the protection of users and client’s interest to keep their data safe.

How To Download The Gmail App On Your Android Device

To download the google mail app on your android smartphone all you need is an internet enabled smartphone. Once this requirement is fulfilled, the following steps should be followed;

  • On your device, go to the google playstore
  • Click on the search tab and search for Gmail
  • There are two types of Gmail apps; the regular Gmail app and Gmail Go. The difference the two is that, the regular Gmail app uses a lot of memory space and the Gmail Go is the lighter version of the gmail app as it consumes less space and memory. From this description select the one you prefer
  • Click on install and wait for the installation to be completed.
  • You can click here to download the app

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