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Gokada is an online platform that allows you to order bike rides to move around your city. With Gokada you can hail bikes (Okada) online. You’ll be picked up at an agreed location and dropped off at your desired location. The service is not free but you can get Gokada App for free. You can make use of Gokada official website or Gokada App to hail bikes.

Gokada App

Gokada app is compatible with both iOS phone and Android phones. It also works on iPad unlike Oride app which works perfectly only on Android phones. The major goal of Gokada is to make transportation easy and fast for people who lives or work in busy cities like Lagos. In most cases where there is very busy traffic, Gokada might be your best option to beat the traffic and get to your desired destination on time.

Download Gokada App for Android

You can make use of Gokada by either using Gokada App or using their official website to hail bikes and book your bike ride. You can download gokada app for Android devices with the following steps:

  1. Activate your mobile data connection
  2. Launch Google Playstore
  3. Use the search menu to search for Gokada
  4. From the listed search results select GOKADA app
  5. The details page of the app will be opened, here you will find the install button, click on it

After you have completed the above steps you can launch Gokada App and start using it. Once you tap on the install icon, Gokada will install and download.

Gokada App iphone

Gokada App works very well on both Android abs iOS devices. So, whether you are an iPhone user or Android user you don’t need to worry if Gokada will work on your device or not. You can download gokada app on iPhone with the following steps below:

  1. Connect your phone to the internet by either activating your mobile data or connecting to a WiFi network
  2. Open Apple App store
  3. Search for Gokada and install it

After you have successfully downloaded and installed gokada app for your iPhone device, you can launch it and book your bike ride immediately. You can also use gokada web to book bike rides too.

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