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Gokada is an online platform that is used to hail bikes and book bike rides just like Uber and Taxify, that is how Gokada works instead of cabs it is bikes that are used to convey the passenger. Gokada bike can come in very handy when there is very serious traffic and you need to get to your workplace or any other destination very fast.

Gokada Bike

Especially in cities like Lagos, you will really need Gokada bike especially if you live or work in the mainland. To get a Gokada bike you will need to book a bike ride like you are ordering for food or any item. To book a Gokada bike, you can use the Gokada official website or you can make use of Gokada app which can be gotten from Apple app store or Google play store depending on which device you use and the app is free just as using the website is.

Gokada Apk – Gokada Apk Download

Gokada Apk is the file format of Gokada app which can be gotten from your web browser. After you download Gokada APK and install it, it is exactly the same as Gokada app, the same interface, same functions and every other thing. Gokada APK download can be done in the following steps:

  1. Activate your device mobile network connection
  2. Launch your web browser
  3. Go to any search engine of your choice
  4. Search for Gokada apk
  5. From the displayed search results, click on any
  6. The pages will be displayed from which you will be able to download the apk
  7. Scroll down and navigate till you find the download button and tap on it to start the download.

After download is completed, you’ll have to install the apk manually. In doing this you’ll be prompted to allow installation from external sources. You should accept to continue with installation.

Gokada Bike App Download

Gokada bike app download is available to both iOS users and Android users. To order a bike ride on Gokada you must download Gokada bike app. It can be done in the following steps:

  1. Turn on your device internet connection
  2. Open Google play store or Apple store
  3. Search for the Gokada app and download it
  4. After download, installation will take place automatically

Gokada app is free, that is, you are not paying any fee when you want to download the app. The only fee you’ll be paying is your transportation fee.

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