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Google Alerts is a notification and also content change detection service, it’s a web service built and launched by Google. When new results are seen, the service sends emails to its users, results such as newspaper articles, blogs, web pages or scientific research that corresponds with searched items or items from the users.

Google Alerts

 Where is My Google Alerts?

•          Sign in if you have already had a Gmail Account.

•          Enter the exact search terms you wish the Google Alert to track, each separated by just a comma.

•          Select the category of results you desire Google Alerts to find and share with you.

How Do I Use Google Alerts?

1.        Visit the website on in the browser of your smart device.

2.        Enter the search term for the topic you wish to track.

3.        Choose a show option to narrow the alert to a specific language, source, or region.

4.        Select create Alert.

How Do I Stop a Google Alert?

To delete a Google alert, Open one of the emails on your Google alert emails, and then at the bottom of that email, click on the unsubscribe button. You can also view every and all of your Google Alerts by clicking the view all your alerts option located next to the unsubscribe button.

Some frequently asked questions will be treated below;

How Do I Know When Someone Googles Me?

You would not be notified of the person that Google searched you, the person that you also Google search will not be notified that you personally searched them.

How  Many Google Alerts Can You Have?

You can have approximately up to 1,000 Google Alerts with the Gmail account you have.

Does Google Alerts Costs Money?

No, it doesn’t require any investment fee for monitoring services. Google Alerts is free to anyone on the web but requires an internet connection and a smart device.

What are Some Merits or Importance of Google Alerts?

1.        Allows setup of keywords monitoring for phrases or words.

2.        Sends notifications to users at least once a day.

3.        Flights Alerts can be set using Google Alerts.

How to Set up Google Flights Alerts?

Google can also send emails directly to you if eventually, your ticket price falls.

1.        Enter your flight information.

2.        Select your dates.

3.        Click the TRACK PRICES.

4.        Click on VIEW ALL.

5.        View your flights you are tracking.

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