Google Assistant – Difference Between OK Google and Google Assistant | Is Google Assistant Better Than Siri

This is an artificial intelligence developed by Google, primarily available on mobile devices. Unlike the company’s virtual assistant which was done previously, google now, with this Google Assistant has the capacity to engage in a two-way interaction.

Google Assistant

This google assistant was initially launched in May of 2016, as a part of Google’s messaging app, known as- Allo, and also its voice-activated speaker, google home. After an exclusive period on pixel and pixel XL smartphones, google began to deploy it on other Android devices, and this was in February of 2017. And this even includes third-party smartphones, and Android Wear, now known as Wear OS. And it was released as a lone app on iOS operating system in May of 2017. This was alongside the announcement of a software development kit in April of 2017. This google assistant is being further extended to supporting a large variety of devices, even cars, and other third-party smart home gadgets or appliances. The functioning of this google assistant can as well be enhanced by third-party developers.

In the year 2017, this Google Assistant was installed on 400 million-plus devices. As at that time, users were primarily communicating with the google assistant through a natural voice, although the keyboard input is also supported. Also, in the same way as google now, this google assistant is capable to search the internet, and also schedule events and alarms, show info from the user’s Google account, and can as well adjust hardware settings on the user’s device. Then Google has as well made an announcement that this assistant will be capable to identify objects, and also gather visual info through the camera of the device, and support product purchase and sending of money. The google assistant can as well identify songs.

On CES 2018, the first Assistant smart displays – smart speakers with video screens, were announced, with the very first one being released in July of 2018.

Difference Between OK Google and Google Assistant

The Google Assistant does all the same tasks just as Google ok. Alarm Scheduling and events, web searching, adjusting the hardware settings on your device and then bringing out information from your Google accounts. While Google ok presently gives you search results, this Google Assistant endeavors to make those search results to be more accessible.

Is Google Assistant Better Than Siri?

Sometimes people want to know if google assistant is better than Siri or not. Now Siri is better than Cortana and Alexa but is not as good as Google Assistant. This Google Assistant happens to be the most competent voice assistant in the market. This testimony is according to a test conducted by Loup Ventures. While google assistant is the default option on most Android phones, it’s also what powers the Google Home speaker including other devices or gadgets. Actually, the Google Assistant app for iPhone has been long available, but you formerly had to open the app or you use a widget to accessing the service. But now, you can call it out just by voice, through Siri. So, google assistant can be said to be in advanced mode presently, but can still be improved.

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