Google Classroom Fun – Benefits of Using Google Classroom | What Section Means in Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free web service created by google for schools to simplify paperless creation, distribution and classification of tasks. Google Classroom’s main aim is to streamline the process of teacher-student file sharing. Google Classroom incorporates Google Drive to create and distribute assignments, Google Docs, Writing Sheets and Slides, Communication Gmail, and Scheduling Google Calendar. Students may be invited by a personal code to enter a class, or imported from a college domain automatically.

Google Classroom Fun

Each class produces a distinct folder in the Drive of the corresponding user, where the student can submit work for a teacher to grade. Mobile apps, accessible for iOS and Android devices, allow users to take pictures and attach tasks, share files from other applications, and access data offline. Teachers can monitor each student’s progress and after grading, can return the work with comments.

Benefits of Using Google Classroom

1.No need of stacking papers; Paper stacks are heavy. If paper stacks are your thing, it’s cool. But I’m betting you’ll think it’s even better not to have paper stacks. So, Don’t bother, soon you will still find plenty of uses for all those binder clips.

2. See Real-time progress; Google Classroom makes student work easy to check in. Click on the assignment thumbnail of any student from the Student Work screen to view real-time progress. Using the comment feature in Docs or Slides, it is simple to provide targeted feedback from there. Use the useful history of revision to monitor modifications from your last perspective. The history of revision also enables you to see how productive, or not so productive a particular student was during class time.

3. Simple workflow management; Say goodbye to alphabetically gathering tasks or checking out names from a list. You’ll be able to maintain track of tasks coming in with an easy look with Google Classroom. This makes it simple to understand the status of everyone and follow up with missing students’ work. Everything is timed, so it’s easy to identify a late job.

4. No loss of work; Since Google apps are cloud-based, meaning that they live on the Internet rather than on your hard drive, Google Classroom work is automatically saved and available from any computer or device. Students can operate seamlessly wherever they are, without worrying about clunky flash drives, sending back and forth email files, or losing progress, owing to computer malfunction. “I left it at home,” and “before I could save, my laptop crashed,” are no longer excuses you’ll have to entertain. Now, in Google Classroom, let’s finally consider what section means.

What Does Section Actually Mean in Google Classroom?

Section relates to one class period. For example, during a day, a teacher may teach three parts (classes) of American history, and two parts (classes) of World history. This classification is what section implies.

Google Classroom is now one of the effective mediums for teacher-student relation.

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