Google Flights App | Google Flights – Find Your Flights and Plane Tickets Using Google Flights

Google Flights is a service developed by Google to help individuals all around the world find flights and plane tickets of over 300 airlines. That is, no matter where you may find yourself in the globe, you can trust Google Flight to gives you first-hand information about flights that can help you get to your destination.

Google Flights App

When using this service, you have a great advantage because of the fact that you are given info about serval flights which are headed for your destination. For instance, if you are traveling from New York to London, and you input it on this flight service, you get to see a list of reputable airlines ready to have you on board. You can compare their ticket prices and choose the one you find most convenient. This means you can get the cheapest of flights on Google Flights.

Google Flights App

Take note, Google Flights doesn’t have an app of its own yet. A lot of individuals have the misconception that there is such a thing as “Google Flights App”. This isn’t true. Let me give you an instance; visit any of your app stores and search “Google Flights App”. You would be shocked at the number of flight apps that would be given to you as referrals but you won’t see anyone developed by Google.

How Google Flights Helps You

This service has a lot of merits as regards its use. Although, before you have any other misconception as regards this service, it is important you take note that Google Flights doesn’t sell visitor the flight ticket. Instead, you are directed to the airline’s website where you can buy your ticket. Using this service, you can do the following:

  • Compare flight prices using a flexible price graph and calendar
  • Do ticket bookings for any kind of trip you desire
  • You can also filter your flight search

How to Find a Flight Using Google Flights

To find your flight and make bookings simply follow these steps:

  • Using your web browser, visit
  • Input your departure airport and destination
  • Choose your ticket type at the top of your page (Whether its roundtrip, multi-city or one-way)
  • Still, at the top of your page, select your cabin class and input the number of passengers
  • Choose your flight date by clicking on the calendar
  • For each part of your trip, choose a flight
  • Select how you want to book the flight (to book your flight, Google will direct you to a travel agency or website of an airline)

After booking your flight, you can then contact the travel agency which helped you with the booking or the airline which you would be flying with. You can see that Google flights have your best interest at heart. This platform is very flexible and free to access at all times so make sure you visit any time you want to make a trip of any kind.

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