Google Hangouts | Organize Communication in Your Company Using Google Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts is a service developed by Google to help facilitate communication amongst team members. Currently, Hangouts has been classified into two (2) form for better usage and they are:

  • Hangouts Chat
  • Hangouts Meet
Google Hangouts

The major factor which helps in sustaining an organization or company is “Effect Communication”. This communication starts from the leadership structure and if it’s not there, the growth of the system will be affected.

Hangouts Chat was created with businesses in mind. It was designed to keep the system on going aside working hours. That is, teammates, staff, and employers can communicate by scheduling meetings. You communicate via;

  • Text chat
  • Video call or
  • Voice call

This service is integrated with your Google Account and other Google service to aid flexibility and help users accomplish a lot in an organized way.

How to Use Google Hangouts for Business Meetings

Google Hangouts is very flexible when it comes to helping teams achieve their goals without barriers. Meetings are one of those things which build teamwork. Whether you are in the office or you are on vacation, you can schedule important meetings with everyone in attendance. This is the power of Google Hangouts. With the development of the Google Hangouts Meet, people can now have conferences with as many as 25 individuals attending all at once. To do this simply follow these procedures:

  • Using your web browser, search “” (here on this website, you will see an option to start a new meeting and another to join a meeting using a meeting code)
  • Go to your Google Calendar events and add a video chat by clicking “Add Conferencing” and Choice “Hangout Meet”
  • To join the event, attendees are to click on the link in the invitation or call the number they see

You can find your meeting details at the left bottom of your page. These details give you options on how you can invite attendees to attend the meeting.

Using Hangouts Meet, you also have the opportunity to create groups where you and your teammates can communicate and share trends at all times. Here, relevant matters as regards your company, brand or organization can be discussed. I am sure you now see the merit of using Google Hangouts for your business.

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