Google Hangouts – Requirements to Use Google Hangouts | How to Download and Use Google Hangouts

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Google Hangouts is a Google-developed unified communication software, it is also a communication service which consists of various features that enable text,  video chats or voice chats either one-on-one or in a group, this is an encrypted and secure communication service that operates on both Android and IOS devices. Google hangouts is a focused chat tool that permits discussions of ideas, business, and other social topics that can be easily discussed using Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts - Requirements to Use Google Hangouts | How to Download and Use Google Hangouts

This app also allows you to create a group for important and interactive purposes that involve more than two different individuals.

Importance of Google Hangouts

  • Google hangouts give you easy access to chat with individuals and also place video calls with individuals or groups across platforms.
  • The app and its features are easily understandable and also performs very well.
  • Google hangouts build friendships between individuals.
  • The launch of Google hangout as an app has contributed a lot in social media communication services.
  • Google hangout is also a reliable communication software.
  • It allows easy communications between individuals regardless of distances of location.
  • It stores previous chats that can be easily accessed anytime at your own convenience.

Brief History of Google Hangouts

  • Google hangout was developed on the 15th of May in the year 2013.
  • It was invented by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Requirements to Use Google Hangouts

  1. You need an internet connection.
  2. You need a smart device like an android or apple.
  3. You need a Google (Gmail) account.
  4. You need free space on your device to allow installation of the app which must occupy some spaces on your device.

How to Download Google Hangouts

  1. Connect to an Internet connection.
  2. Open your Google Playstore for Android or Apple Store for IOS.
  3. Click on the search space and put in the word, Google Hangout.
  4. Click on the result that displays the Google Hangout app.

How to Use Google Hangouts

  1. Open the downloaded  Google Hangout app on your device.
  2. Sign in to your Google account.
  3. Click new conversion at the top.
  4. Select and Enter a name or email address you wish to communicate with.
  5. Type down your messages.
  6. Press Enter on your keyboard to send.

Google Hangout can be said to be one of the most used interactive social apps because it is stress-free and it saves a lot of time too, it requires internet connections but it consumes lesser data and this app does not occupy many spaces on your device.

Its users always appreciate the features and uses of the Google Hangouts complementing the app of its good experiences.

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