Google Mistakenly Leaked its Pixel Buds A in an Email

Looks like Google accidentally leaked the official look of Pixel Buds A in a marketing email. According to reports, the email was delivered to users who had signed up for reminders about the Google Nest products. The email was basically to enlighten people about the newly unveiled Nest products. But instead it ended up revealing the Pixel Buds A to the world before the actaul launch time.

Google will reportedly launch the Pixel Buds together with the Pixel 5a 5G and the Pixel 6. According to 9to5 Google report, the tech giant accidentally the image of the Pixel Buds A, which hasn’t been officially announced. The Pixel Buds A was said to be coated in a dark green colour variant in a marketing render.

Google Mistakenly Leaked its Pixel Buds A in an Email

The mail was addressed to customers who had signed up for the Nest products. The mail had a subject line “your Nest device just got an upgrade” and was aimed at educating people about the upgraded features of the Nest Hub that were announced a couple of days ago.

The most captivating part of it all was the tiny image of the Google Pixel Buds A. The charging case of the earbuds appeared to be in white colour but the wingtips and the earbuds were in green colour.

Regarding previous leaks, Google has acquired the startup named Dysonics for the Pixel Buds A. Dysonics provides surrounding sound for the in-flight entertainment system. The company may introduce 3D Audio with the new Pixel Buds A.

It comes with some really cool features too, like, touch control for calls, media as well as Google Assistant access. Google is antiquated to launch the Pixel Buds A along with the Google Pixel 6, which is scheduled to arrive sometime in June.

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