Google Restructure Chrome Profiles to Make Switching Faster

Google created Chrome profiles for people who share devices to keep their browser info apart. All updates done have focused on making logging in easier and improved theme customizations, it’s not done tinkering with the broader profile experience. Google’s latest update is focused on making those private spaces even more distinguishable from each other.

Google Restructure Chrome Profiles to Make Switching Faster

The new system lets you build and switch separate visual themes that are color-coded and include their own backgrounds. The moment you create the profiles, it should be easier to identify each one when you return to the browser.

Unlike the existing profiles for different people you’ve added to Chrome on one PC, this new setup is different in a few ways. When you’re creating a new profile, you’ll be prompted to customize the browser’s look and select your preferred color scheme from a selection. According to Google “If you have multiple profiles set up, you’ll see a profile picker each time you restart Chrome.”

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