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Google Translate is a free service that assists in translating phrases, words and web pages between English and so many hundreds of languages spoken worldwide. This service was created and launched by Google and it can also be said to be the free multilingual Translation service which is used by over 200 million persons daily to translate texts, it offers mobile apps for IOS, Androids and also a website interface and API. Google Translate is believed to exist in about 104 languages worldwide which means it can be used by so many people in the world in order to understand other languages they are not conversant with and it also helps in language detections, this simply means that languages which are not known by a user can be easily detected using the Google Translate.

Google Translate – Google Translate Technology | Google Translate Audio

Below are some importance of Google Translate;

  • Builds a relationship between people of different languages.
  • It creates an understanding between people of different languages.
  • Increases great communications between traders and customers.
  • It is very fast in the translation of texts, phrases, words or web pages.
  • It is highly reliable because it can be used at any point of need as long a web connection and a smart device is available.

Google translate is free but it has some important requirements and these requirements are listed below;

  1. INTERNET CONNECTION: – An internet connection is very important as Google Translate cannot function properly without an internet connection,
  2. A SMART DEVICE: – A smart device is also very important as it can be used for the installation of the Google Translate App on your device and also for accessing the Google Translate service using your browser either on your Android, laptop or IOS.

How to Download Google Translate

  1. Open your Internet connection.
  2. Open your App Store for IOS or Google Play store for Androids.
  3. Search for the App using the KEYWORD Google Translate.
  4. Click on the search result.
  5. Download and install.

Google translate has been discovered to be one of the most reliable and most frequently used Translation service for text, words, phrases and it has been really helpful to those who find difficulty in understanding other languages of people from different countries, some people encounter this as a result of working in the same company or organization with people that speaks different languages, doing businesses with people from different part of the world and also traveling for vacations or tourism around the world.

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