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Hotmail, Outlook, Microsoft sign up, you may ask why so many names but I’m not the one to give you such answer as all I would say is, they are all from the same company and mean the same thing. Outlook is a personal information manager web app that was developed by Microsoft, it was first known as Hotmail.

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It is one of the best mail-service, organizer and communicating web app. So far, it has been available for many years and has become used by people in various industries and has been known for its security and privacy, rich text formatting, spam filtering, virus scanning, auto completion of email address, support of multiple addresses, Office web integration and skype integration. With this, what else do you want from a mail service apart from the aforementioned??

Let’s go straight to how to create an account…

How To Sign Up For Hotmail/Outlook/Microsoft Account

To sign up for Hotmail, all you need to have is an internet connected device (either a phone or a PC). Once these requirements are met, the following steps should be followed;

  • Go to
  • Once on the page, click on the Create account button, once you click on it, you will be provided with a form that you will be asked to input your preferred email address. From the suffix you can chose either you want to have “” as suffix or “” the choice is yours
  • When you are done with inputting your preferred email address, click on next and you will be presented with a form where you will be asked to create a password for your account. Ensure to create a strong password. Once you’re done, click next
  • On the next page, you will be asked you First Name and Last Name respectively. Do well to input them correctly and click on next
  • The next page requires you to select your country and input your date of birth. Do this and click on next.
  • On this other page, you will be asked to input some characters in order to verify that you are a human. You can decide to listen to the words if you can hardly identify them via sight. Do this and click on next
  • This is the last and final page although not everyone is directed to this page. The page involves inputting your mobile number and verifying your account. Here you will be asked to input your mobile number with your country code in order to verify your account. Once the verification is done, your Hotmail/Outlook/Microsoft account inbox will be opened for you to view

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