How Opay Works – All You Need to Know About Opay | Download Opay App

How Opay Works – Opay is an online platform that is used to pay for services and perform all other forms of transactions like transferring funds to your friends and your family. Some people still don’t know how Opay works but before we go into full details about that, you should first know that Opay is from the creators or Opera browser and Opera mini. They all share the same maker, that is Opera software.

How Opay Works

Opay is an online payment platform under Opera software. If you are interested in knowing how Opay works then you should read further. Opay can be used to pay for utility bills like electricity bills and so on. You can use Opay to buy airtime for your mobile device. You can also use it to renew your data bundle. Opay is also used to pay for online shopping, you can also use Opay to pay for your DSTV, GOTV or Star-times bills.

How Opay Works – How to Use Opay

Opay has an application with a very user-friendly interface. Opay app home page is very easy to navigate so you won’t be needing a manual on how Opay works. Opay app is currently not available to iOS devices, that is, it works only on Android phones and it works perfectly. The following is a brief guide on how to use Opay

  1. Activate your device data connection
  2. Launch Opay app
  3. Once on Opay app, you can locate and navigate any action you want to use it for. You can just tap on it to perform that action.

You can use Opay wallet to save your money and all other bonuses you receive. You can always add more funds to your Opay wallet at any time and you can withdraw money from it any time you want.

Download Opay App

Since you already know how Opay app works, you can proceed to download Opay app and start using it for your daily transactions and payments, you can download Opay with the following steps below

  1. Turn on your data connection
  2. Launch Google Playstore
  3. With the search engine, search for Opay
  4. From the list of displayed results tap on Opay to open its detail page
  5. Once on the detail page click on Install to initiate the download

Once the download is done, the installation will follow thereafter. You cannot get Opay app on Apple App store because Opay is not yet available for iOS devices.

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