How to Activate The Latest Dark Mode On Google Map

How to Activate The Latest Dark Mode On Google Map – Google started releasing it’s latest update which made it’s switches it’s Google map between light and dark mode. However, it was under beta test for quite some time and was available for a select users.

“These days, we’re all experiencing a bit of screen fatigue”, Google explained in a blog post on 23 February 2021. “With dark theme in Google Maps soon expanding to all Android users globally, you can give your eyes a much-needed break and save on battery life”.

Google noted that the new theme reduces the lights when you’re navigating and exploring with Maps.

How to Activate The Latest Dark Mode On Google Map

Google Map Dark Mode Review

Above all else, what you cannot deny is that the new Google Maps dim mode is just accessible on Android until further notice. Google hasn’t shared a particulars with regards to when it intends to grow a similar visual update to iPhones, however we’re getting it will not take excessively well before this occurs.

At that point, the dim mode accompanies three unique settings: in every case light, consistently dim, and following the framework mode.

While changing it to consistently dull is something that could bode well from the outset, you ought to really stay with the setting that adjusts the Google Maps visual style with the one of the working framework. Also, here’s a little stunt.

In the event that you do this, you can arrange Android to consequently change to the dim mode at a particular time (in the evening), so Google Maps can naturally empower the dim mode simultaneously. All in all, the route application utilizes the light standard mode during the day, however it empowers the dull visual style during the evening, all without you contacting anything.

How to enable dark mode in Google Maps

⦁ Open the Google Maps app on your Android phone.

⦁ Click on profile picture in the top right corner.

⦁ Tap Settings from the menu.

⦁ Select Theme in the Settings Menu.

⦁ Choose Always in Dark Theme from the list of options.

Follow the same steps to deactivate this feature. Now, you can force Google Maps to always be in dark mode. This update that would definitely make Google Maps a lot easier to use in the car, especially during the night.

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