How to Auto-Delete SMS (TEXT) on iPhone & Android

Old instant messages accumulating in your cell phone can be a significant torment. It makes things tumultuous, just as eats up valuable extra room. So today, we will tell you the best way to auto-erase old instant messages on Android and iOS.

Following our instructional exercise will help you better put together your instant messages via naturally erasing old SMSs that have since a long time ago outlasted their utility. The cycle of auto-erasing writings (SMS) will fluctuate somewhat dependent on whether you’re utilizing an Android or iOS gadget however is similarly simple on one or the other stage.

How to Auto-Delete SMS (TEXT) on iPhone & Android

Auto-Delete Text Messages (SMS) on Android and iPhone

While Apple offers an inherent choice to erase old instant messages (SMS) in iPhones, there’s no such local choice accessible on Android. All things considered, you should download a viable informing application from the Play Store to take care of business. Here, we will utilize Google’s Hangouts application (Free) on Android to auto-erase instant messages (SMS) and keep your SMS inbox mess free. The arrangement is a long way from ideal, and you don’t get numerous customization alternatives, however it’s even more valuable than not having an auto-cancellation choice by any means.

Auto-Delete Text Messages on Android

⦁ Open your Google Hangouts app on your Android phone.

⦁ Click on the hamburger menu icon on the top-left corner.

⦁ From the slide-out pane, select Settings.

⦁ Next, select SMS under General settings.

⦁ Tap on SMS disabled to get started.

⦁ In the spring up affirmation box, select ‘Yes’ to set Hangouts as your default SMS application. Presently switch on the flip for Delete old messages. Your old writings (SMS) will presently be naturally erased when you’re coming up short on extra room.

Automatically Delete Text Messages on iPhone

⦁ On your iPhone, open Settings. Now scroll down and tap on Messages.

⦁ On the following page, look down and tap on ‘Keep Messages’ under the Message.

History area. At last, pick between 30 Days and 1 Year dependent on how long you need to save old messages prior to disposing of them. More established messages will move erased immediately, and you should affirm this activity by tapping the ‘Erase’ button subsequent to choosing the ideal auto-erase span.

Choosing ‘Forever’ on the last page will forestall auto-delete instant messages on your iPhone for great. While that will help safeguard old SMSs, you may before long discover a large number of messages stopping up your telephone inevitably.

Better Organize Your Text Inbox on Android and iPhone

While the cycle of auto-erasing instant messages fluctuates on Android and iPhone, you can do it on the two stages regardless. In any case, the interaction is smoother, and for a change, more adjustable on iPhone than Android.

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