How To Block Someone On Facebook: Limit Social Distress

Facebook is one of the largest social media platform in the world if not the best, and hence a lot of activities happen on there some of which require you to block someone on Facebook. It is a place where millions of people meet and interact is home to both the good, the bad and the ugly, this means that there are a lot of people with different personalities, intent and mindset on the Facebook platform hence discretion is key when meeting people on Facebook.

How To Block Someone On Fcaebook

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Facebook has made it their responsibility to keep its members and participants safe that is why blocking of participants became a thing, mainly for the safety of its users. Most times, many people get to luckily or unluckily meet some people who at the end of the day scam them or impersonate other people just to get something from them or they tend to meet people who insult or abuse them. All these are actually a reality of the things that happen on the Facebook platform, hence the aim of this article is to guide you on a way on how you can block people who are unpleasant to you on the Facebook platform using the Facebook mobile app or the Facebook web app.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Facebook

There are so many reasons why you might want to block someone on Facebook, one of the main and important reason as to why people block other people on Facebook is to enjoy peace of mind. Peace of mind is what we all yearn for when we block someone or people on Facebook, so here is what happens if you block someone on Facebook; They;

  • Won’t be able to add you as a friend
  • Can’t view your profile
  • Won’t be able to see your posts, even if you have mutual friends
  • Can’t perform any action on you, like tagging you to a post or inviting you for an event
  • All forms of communication with you on Facebook will be disbanded

How To Block Someone On Facebook

Blocking someone on Facebook is pretty simple and it is a step in which you have to take once in a while in order to maintain the good of your peace on the Facebook platform. Hence it happens to become quite of a necessity with the rate at which scammers and imposters are at large these days. There are two ways to blocking people on Facebook. Its either you block them using the Facebook mobile app or using the Facebook web app.

How To Block Someone On Facebook Using the Facebook Mobile app

This is a very simple process, just follow the steps below;

  • Open Your Facebook mobile app and make sure you are logged in
  • Click on the search bar and search for the friend you want to block
  • From the list you got from the search, carefully select the intended person, click to go to their profile
  • Once the profile is open, at a glance on the person’s profile you’ll see 3 horizontal dots, click on it and you will be presented with a list of action to take on the intended person
  • Click on Block
  • You will be asked to confirm your choice, click on confirm and the person will be blocked from accessing your profile or having anything to do with you on the platform.

How To Block Someone On Facebook Using The Facebook Web app

The Facebook web app is also known as Facebook the difference between the web app and the mobile app is the accessibility, while one can access Facebook using the mobile app downloaded on a device (Facebook mobile app) the Facebook web app can be accessed using a web browser hence why it is called Facebook web app. The following steps should be followed in order to block someone using the Facebook web app;

  • Go to using your web browser and log in your account
  • Search for the person you want to block
  • From the search list, carefully select the intended person and click to go to the person’s profile page
  • Once On the person’s profile, close to the message tab, you will see 3 horizontal dots. Click on it and a dropdown list will appear.
  • From the drop-down list, click on block, once clicked, you will be asked to confirm your action. Confirm your action and the person will be blocked.

I hope with this you will be able to stay safe and guided on the Facebook platform.

Thanks for reading!!!

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